Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion - Men's Attire

Guys. You have it so good. Women's fashion is in constant flux - which is probably why we are always a little insane. But men's fashion is constant, reliable and adaptable. You have fundamentals that can be accessorized easily. What you need to know is minimal. It just takes a little practice.

Dress Shirts

These are the most commonly worn shirts with suits.

There are a few variations on the shirt collar that you should be aware of:

Spread or Windsor

This the most formal and looks very sharp with tuxedo/shawl collar jackets.


Point collars are very common in day-to-day wear and always look professional.


I'm not the biggest fan of button-down collars. They looks a little too ... "cheap." I hate saying that but it's what I think! Still, a collared shirt is better than a not-collared shirt.

Every shirt has cuffs and the three main types are:


Fastened by one or two buttons, according to taste, the barrel cuff is another member of the day-to-day family.

Double or French 

These are much more formal and are usually worn when attending special events. If you have a wedding or funeral or even a special meeting (i.e, job interview, asking for a raise), these are ideal. There's a little extra length to the cuff so they can be folded back and fastened with a cuff link.


Usually worn with formal evening wear, the single is not common day-to-day wear. It would look a little fussy if you showed up to the office wearing something like this. These are best reserved for a black tie or even white tie affair - such as a formal wedding or the Oscars. It's basically a French cuff without the fold.

Please remember to always iron your dress shirts. All dry cleaners will press your shirts and trousers if you ask them. When wearing a dress shirt, always tuck the hem into your trousers. If a tie is involved (as there should always be) make sure the top button of your collar is buttoned - it looks sloppy if you are also wearing a tie and the button is undone.

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