Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion - Watches

It's time to talk about accessories. I am so sorry.

This week we take a look at watches. Mostly because no one is looking at them much anymore. I like watches, especially pocket watches, but rarely ever wear them. They can be a lovely and useful accessory, a last minute touch, that little ... thing that brightens up an outfit. And it's unisex.

Simply put : a watch is a small portable, timepiece. It is typically worn strapped to the wrist but can be held in the pocket, attached by a chain. You are probably familiar with the terms "wrist watch" and "pocket watch." At it's most basic feature, watches track and display the passage of time but there are a wide range that are capable of showing calendar days, days of the week, etc.

The wrist watch first appeared in the 1900's and was called a "wristlet." They were worn by women and were considered a passing fad. Gentlemen, who wore pocket watches, were quoted as saying "I'd sooner wear a skirt as wear a wrist watch." Well, that could be arranged. This, however, changed in World War I when soldiers found that a pocket watch was highly impractical on the battle field - that's putting mildly. They attached the watch to their wrists with a leather strap. It is also possible that the German Imperial Navy had been following this practice as early as the 1880's, but, whatever, they were the bad guys.

But it took some time for wrist watches to gain popularity in fashion; by the 1950's, men and women alike were wearing them on a day-to-day basis. And beyond that, mechanics and science found a new frontier.
The first watches were mechanical but, over time, the mechanics were replaced, in some cases, by quartz vibrations. Designer watches are often manufactured with springs, which are similar to the old mechanical watches, even though they are less accurate. Basically, they look great but don't run as well as the less expensive quartz watches. Consider this when you are shopping for a watch because it could be a deciding factor in the purchase.

Consider the watch the next time you are looking to accesorize or when you are shopping for something personal. Just remember to look for a watch that will be functional as well as decorative, so you get your money's worth!

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