Thursday, May 19, 2011

Méchant jeune fille

Let's get another thing out of the way: the Dirty Martini is still a Martini. Treat it as such. But it is a different beast; I'd even venture to say that while the Martini is sexy, the Dirty Martini is a little slutty. But in a good way! I'm not going to include a recipe, only because it's the same as a basic Martini with a little something extra. And that something is the briny, slightly salty, always naughty olive juice. As much or as little as you like.

Of course the origins are are unclear, just as with the Classic Martini. What I've always wonder about is the "why?" Consider that the original was a very sweet drink, which was typical at the time (1800's), so why would anyone think to toss in olive juice?! By the end of the century a lot of the sweeter ingredients had been eliminated, leaving a very clean canvas. So I guess the real question at the time was: "Why not?"

Whatever the reasoning, I'm glad someone had the brilliant idea. This is a solid summer drink, so get crackin' and make up a pitcher!

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