Monday, April 4, 2011

Des Petites Choses Qui Restent

 I wanted to pop in just to let you know that I haven't gone anywhere. Last week I started a new job and I'm getting used to the new hours. It's hard to find time to get in some quality time at the gym, as well as sit down to write - and that's why it was a little quiet around here last week. I've put together a schedule that will hopefully get me moving. So far, so good! I've accomplished both today.

But, because of this new schedule, I'm going to have to keep my posting to approximately two articles a week. Maybe more, but rarely ever less. Hopefully I can give you a head's up on Sunday's as to what's coming during the week.

This week introduces a new theme: Mad Men Drink of the Week. This replaces "Ricky the Bartender's" Drink of the Week. Sadly, for the time being, Mr. Bartender will not be contributing to this blog. Every week I will discuss a cocktail that was popular during the time of Mad Men or was even imbibed on the show.

Look for an article on Lipstick and Bloody Mary's. I suppose it's kind of a lady's week!

In the mean time, your homework is to watch "The Kennedys" on Reelz Channel. It is fantastic!


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