Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Since I completely pissed off and didn't post yesterday, you get an extra today. This is a cocktail recipe from Ricky the Bartender and is for everyone. But, guys? Make a batch for your next holiday shin-dig and you will be a hero.

Cocktails - Hot Buttered Rum

With the nights growing quite chill (and here in southern California, rather damp), it's time we turn to comfort. And what's more comforting than a warm cocktail? Maybe two. Make a batch and cuddle up with someone special. And if there's no one special enough, call over some friends!

This kind of retro drink goes so far back we find ourselves outside of the current century. But that's OK; it's a classy concoction and we are all about class. And rum.
The history of this drink is ... odd. In the later half of the 1800's America was divided by many things, alcohol was one of them. In the south it was whiskey (unless you were a plantation owner, then it was imported French brandy and the like). Rye was the poison of choice in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. New Jersey - applejack. New Orleans - brandy. Out west it was every man for himself. Ohio and the newer Midwest states were stoking the flames of prohibition. This leaves New England.
It was rum or get out of town. And who can blame them? The history of their rum trade is a sordid story and I'm not going to get into the particulars here - just Google "Triangle Trade" and you'll get an eye-full.
Anyway, whatever wasn't exported they drank. They drank it anyway they could - hot, cold, straight, mixed. They drank it with water, juice, sugar, other boozes and all manner of Christmas spices. They even drank it with egg, milk, cream, and - yes - butter. Why? Still not sure. Charles Browne claims it's there to lubricate the mustache. Either way, it's a hot toddy - meant to warm you during the cold months. Even today, most New Englanders will tout the medicinal properties of rum. And who are we to argue?

1 quart of ice cream
1 pound of butter
1 pound of brown sugar
1 pound confectioner's sugar
3-4 Tbsp ground clove
3-4 Tbsp ground allspice
3-4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
1 bottle of Meyer's gold rum
1/2 bottle of Rose Angel tequila (gran centenario)

Just add hot water and you're golden!

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