Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seuls les hommes

This week is all about men. But, ladies, please feel free to take a peek. I think it's very important that members of the opposite sex know something about each other. There should be a little mystery, of course. But a solid grasp is nice. Anyway. Yes, this week is all about men - what they are wearing (or should be), what they are drinking (or should be), what they might want to be reading, and a few other things.
This also marks the first week I will have an original concoction for you, from Ricky the Bartender. It will most assuredly be a manly cocktail. I'm going to re-edit some of the previous posts, so you might want to give them another gander.

I hope your holidays were fun-filled and soaked in gin! I know mine were.

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