Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Parties - Tiki Party (drinks)

Mad About ... Parties

(This is a continuation of the Tiki Party post. I decided to break it up into several posts to make it a little more manageable. The original post was dated December 14 and can, quickly, be found in Labels under "Parties.")

When it comes to drinks, mix them up ahead of time and store in pitchers. You're already familiar with the Mai Tai and the Zombie - find recipes for both in the Cocktail section. Let's try out two new ("new") drinks:

Pina Colada
one part white rum
one part cream of coconut
three parts pineapple juice

Shake with crushed ice until smooth. In this case you might want to blend them in a blender just before everyone arrives and stash in a large pitcher in the fridge. Serve in a coconut shell, if you dare.
(What's this "one part" business? Just gives you the freedom to make the drink as fun as you like.)

Tiki Punch
8 ounces triple sec
8 ounces gin
3 ounces fresh lime juice
1 1/2 liters chilled champagne

Mix triple sec, gin and lime. Pour over large chunk of ice in a punch bowl. Stir and chill for half an hour. At serving time add the champagne. A fun idea is to freeze chunks of exotic fruits and float them in the punch. They act as ice cubes and impart a little flavor to the drink.

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